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Runescape Classic

Departure to Lumby

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(A Runescape Classic Pking clan)

Site Members
Please post on the forum if you wish to become a member and keep runescape classic alive.  I will gladely help players that wish to live on and play classic, but we must ban together after losing so many friends because Jagex made Classic for paying members only.  On this site you will make new friends on Runescape Classic because playing alone on classic will lead to quiting.  Please, if you play Runescape Classic still after the tragic error of Jagex on August 2nd, 2005, join this site and let me know and others know that people still love Runescape Classic and that they are willing to fight and play on!

*Str me3t Def- Was a great friend and scammed my white party hat
*Napkin-Autoed pker that must be put down
*Nycsgreatest-Has scammed many people with 'trust game'.
I am  tipically easy to get along with, but these people on these acounts have stretched my last nerves and I would just like others to know why.