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My History on Runescape

My History on Runescape
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My Story on Runescape

The founder of Runescape is Mr. Andrew Gower.  As development of this new game progressed, four versions of it where made with the 3rd being the original Runescape (now called 'Runescape Classic') and the 4th version being the newest game called by 'Classic' players "Runescape 2".  The first two versions failed and the third version was released January 5, 2001 (I find this funny cause January 5th is my birthday).  For more history go here

I know everyone has a story on how they came to play Runescape, and this is mine.  Back towards the end of 7th grade, around May 2001, I witnessed my friend Ryan playing an interesting "knight game" in the school library.  He said the game was called 'Runescape'.  It had turned out he had been playing in since early Febuary because he was already able to make full steel armor.  So the next day, I got to school early with my friend Jon, got a library pass, and went to the library to set up my 'Runescape Account'.  My friend Jon chose the name "Theempire" because he had recently seen Star Wars.  But I on the other hand couldn't come up with a cool nam.  Jon suggested that I name my character 'Blackwatch89' after our soccer club team and the year we were both born.  It was funny because my first password was 'Blackwatch', but I later changed this.
After the account had been set up, there was an option on how to make your character look.  Jon gave his guy a green shirt, blue pants, and long brown hair and hasn't changed him since then.  I on the other hand had a hard time what to pick.  I didn't like how pale white the skin was so I made him a shade darker, I gave him a red shirt and brown pants with yellow short hair.  While newer people just remember being teliported to tutorial island, this wasn't the case in Runescape's earlier development.  After you made your character, you had to pick what he would later become.  The options were- Miner, Warrior, Wizard, or Adventurer.  I remembered Ryan telling me how he was making so much money being a miner and so I picked to be a 'Miner' and it spawned me in lumby with a pickaxe. 
My first hours in Runescape were very interesting.  Back then, there wasn't a wilderness were you killed people and Lumbridge was the only safe place to be.  Anyhow I never really strayed from Lumby and I wondered accros the bridge to the goblin house across the way where iron daggers spawned.  I at first picked one up, wielded it, and tried to fight the goblins, but they were to strong and killed me.  Later on Ryan told me how I could make money by collecting these iron daggers and selling them at the genereal store back by the Lumby Castle.  This was how I made my first 100gp and later on I trained on chickens, men, and then goblins and would take all the money they dropped.
After I had gotten the hang of selling iron daggers, Jon showed me how to add his character to my friends list and how he was the green dot on the map.  Later on Jon took me to the mine south of Fally and showed me how to mine copper and tin and put them in the furnace.  Back then I had dial-up and so I could only really play Runescape only at school.  Every morning my friends and I would get to school early and play for a good hour before school started.  After doing this, a number of students became interested in the game and started an account.   They would all play during typing class and when we had free library time to research.
From here I continued to mine copper and tin and take the bars to the furnace.  It turns out that Ryan was really into doing certain quests to get experience in his skills, and he suggested to me to do Doric's quest so I could have access to his anvils and be able to smith items (my 1st quest).  He told me how the more experience I got at mining and smithing, the better items I could make and the more money I could get for selling them.  While I did nothing but mine and smith, my friend Jon's first quest was The Cook's Helper in the Lumby Castle.  After he learned to cook, he also discovered fishing and so he took off as a fisher and cheff.  A number of time I would be killed by a highway man and even stronger runescaple players trying to get to the furnace.  Near the furnace I discovered that there was a bank that could keep my items and when I died, I wouldn't lose them. 
Finally I believe Jagex did something about people being able to kill you anywhere and so I decided to explore around with Jon.  By this time it was summer before my 8th grade year in middle school and I would always spend the night at Jon's house because he had CABLE!  It was the greatest thing ever too because he had two computers and we would both be on Runescape side by side and telling each other what we had each discovered.  We talked about how Jon showed Casey ( another friend) Runescape and how I showed Justin (my cousin who went to our middle school and is in the same grade) Runescape too.
When school started up, Casey and Justin came up with the idea of making a Runescape Clan back in 2002.  So they decided on the name 'Knights in Shining Armor' (KISA).  So we all made characters with the word Gold in it.  Casey (Klan leader)-Gold Merlin...Justin (Knight)- Gold Axe...Jon(Fisher/cheff)-Goldy God...and Me-Gmoney4(Miner/Smither).  We made our own website and had a good 30 members.  Two of them are on RS2 that get on sometimes.  The clan lasted till 9th grade when we went to Highschool and then alot of people quit.  When the clan started, I would dial-up at home and mine and smith all the time.  I was able to make steel plates at the time and I would give Gold Merlin 20 plates a day to raise money for the clan while Jon would give them tons of trout and salmon.  I would later get into the mining arond 2003 when there were very very few autoers if any at all.
Jon and I later learned about pure's and how it was good not to have any magic or prayer.  Jon and I made Gmoney4 and Goldy God into addy pures and would go out into the wild and own people.  But as time progressed, we noticed a new breed of Player Killers that were slowly developing.  These we called 'Monks' and knowm today as "Prayer Beasts".  While we had 30 defense, they had 1-5 defense and all  the rest strength and attack.  Towards the end of our 8th grade year, we started getting killed and teamed by numbers of these prayer beasts and while when we got lucky and killed them, all we would get is a ruby ammy.  And when they killed us they would get full addy and r2h.  Finally Jon and I decided we needed to make prayer beasts too.  We went through about three pairs because we kept getting defense levels on accident.  These pairs were Rangethemofu and Rangethemofo, Marauder69 and Rangethemofu, Loaded Pker and x0wnagepurex, and finally Cuinlumby43 and Loaded Pker.  But later our efforts on these pkers would be useless when Runescape became Runscape Classic and was turned into Members only. 
As 8th grade progressed, Jagex added fatigue, new picks, and more armor.   My dad finally got Comcast Cable too so it was great. But as new features were added, Justin started to slip because he didn't have internet at home while Casey went to members.  Jon and I continued to PK, mine/smith, and cook/fish.  My money from mining and smithing helped fund our r2hs and Jon would supply the food. 
When 9th grade came around, Justin and Casey had basically quit and from 2003-2004 Jon and I were left to play.  Jon's computer started giving out in late 2003 and I went to members in 2004.  I continued to mine and smith while Jon would get on when he could.  Towards late 2004, Jagex released a Beta Version of RS2 for members to play (December 1,2004).  At first I liked RS2 and when the official version of RS2 finally came out March 17,2004, Jon and I played it all summer.  Around August we had started to relize the flaws of RS2 and why Classic was so much better.  And so at the begining of our 10th grade year, we went back to 'Runescape Classic'.
In 2004 I had met my good friend Shorty69red in Varroke.  At this time I was able to make full mith (I was 69 smithing) and mine addy ore and I noticed him smithing addy at the anvils.  I told him that in 1 more smithing level I could make addy bars and I asked him if he would smith me addy if I gave him the bars.  He said yes and I added him without knowing that he would make me very rich in the near future.
While Jon's computer still continued to act up, I would mine addy ore and coal all the time till he was able to get on.  At my prime I made 500 bars a week and had Shorty69red smith me full addy which I would sell in Varroke Square for 25k each.  I eventually managed to make 3 million GP thanks to Shorty69red and bought my first Red Partyhat.  From 2004-2005 I kept making tons and tons of money thanks to Shorty and eventually sold my Red Phat for 7m and bought a yellow for 15m, sold this later for 23m and bought a white for 30m.  
While I sat in the middle of Varroke selling my armor, a guy named Str me3t def came up to me and wished to be my friend.  We became very good friends and I would lend him money to stake on the members worlds.  But later he would become one of my most hated enemies.
On August 3, 2005 Jagex made Runescape for members only.  I was very upset at this decesion, but made Blackwatch a member for a year.  When I finally got back on him, I was happy to learn that Str Me3t Def still played and my best pal Shorty69red still played too.  But Str Me3t Def would later test my trust to far and basically take all I had.  
Later on September 11, 2005 he would take my trust to far and scammed my White Party Hat leaving me with 500k.  This really upset me because my White Party Hat was my best and most expensive item.  This cause me to quit till around October.  
By October my character had 85 mining and 74 smithing due to the constant smithing and mining I did for Shorty and I went into Rune mining.  This is where I would make money for my friend to stake, her name was IL Nine IL
 I would meet my a new friend and we would both invest our money into her staker to try and geto our fortunes back.  Nine was a very good staker but lacked defense and we would lose most of out money.  At one time we had made 95m but eventually lost it all due to gliches in the game.  But then in early January when all the autoers were banned, my friend's character IL Nine IL was banned for 'macroing' and she basically quit.
Today I have restored Il Nine Il's main named Showtime01.  I have trained Showtime's herblaw to 66 and am now able to make Super Sets (used for staking).  Most of the summer of 2006 I made and sold Super Sets till I earned 45 M and bought a red Party Hat.  I still continue to play to this day, mostly pking on Cuinlumby43 (Stats 42 attack 32 def and 91 str) and help friend out, and I plan on playing till RSC fades away of when I go away to College and become to busy to play. 

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