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Runescape Classic

Player Killing!!!

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Why Runescape Classic Pking is better then Runescape 2

A main reason I have decided to stay on RSC is because they fhked up the PKing system on RS2. 
1) Pking on RSC is better because you can actually kill people while on rs2 they can just run away whenever they want to!
2) RSC has the 3 hit system where you have 3 rounds before you can run.  I love this because its feels great to 3 hit a player.
3) The only way to kill people on RS2 is with a big giant clan and even then the person might just teliport.  On RSC, you have multiple archers on your side to help you instead of gai multi melee crap.
4) The mages on free world RSC are very weak and are very horriable so you may 2 hit them  before they teliport. 
5) RS2 has to many noobs pking in the wild.  RSC actually takes skill and trust me the noobs are killed instantly and never return.

Other characters I have that deserve credit-

Rangethemofu is my old Prayer Beast (pb) on rsc.  Though he has had many kills with my friend Marauder69, he is soon to be retired because of his high combat level and his bad stats.  At his current combat level of 43 his stats are 40 attach, 9 defense, 59 strength, 49hp, 31 prayer, and 54 ranged (9's).  If you go to the home page and look at the photo album you can see several great Pk's by him. 
Cuinlumby43- Is my current best Pker.  He is the better form of Rangethemofu due to his high strength.  Stats are 42 32 91 with 31 prayer and 80 hp.

X0wnagepurex was my pride and joy for rsc.  His combat level now is currently 37 and will probably stay that way.  His stats are 40 attach, 1 defense, 59 strength, and 50hp.  And at level 37 he is busting out 18s on poor noobs.  I can still access him, but Cuinlumby43 is my main pker.
Theempire- This was my friends main, but had been given to me.  His Runescape career had started in August on 2001.  He had a good run and finished his career with these stats- 43 45 53 47 Combat lvl 55.  56 magic, 79 cooking, 69 fishing