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My main that I started back coming up 4 years ago is Blackwatch89.  He has never autoed and has never cheated.  Many people inquire about his name.  Back in 7th grade when I made him, I was on a select Soccer team named 'Blackwatch' and my year of birth is 1989.  His best skills on Runescape Classic are his mining and smithing.  Currently on RSC his smithing is level 76 and his mining level 87.  He is not a fighter, but his combat lvl is 76. 
Cuinlumby43- This is my pker even after Runescape Classic has become for members only.  I just want you to know that Pking isnt all dead and you will see me and can join me out in the wild once he has members.  This characters is a Prayer Beast.  Stats 42 30 91 80  and 31 Prayer.  Just to let Runescape Classic fans know that pking still exists.  I have gone through a number of different pkers and this is one of my best.  He would of probably been better if I hadn't made so many other pkers. 
Showtime01 was my cousins main that he gave to me after he quit. Showtime is very impure, but has done the legends quest.  Combat 90 and I trained him to 66 herblaw so that he can make Super Sets.  Super Sets sell for 200k a pop which has helped me to get a red phat after my white had been stolen. 
Next is my best pal Shorty69red is my best friend and addy smither.  Like me, he has not given up on Runescape Classic and still lives on.  He can smith full addy and up to a rune large.  He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.  We have been friend for the longest time and when I owned a red and white part hat, I could trust him to where it.

Player killing is my favorite thing to do on rsc and later I would like to make a profesonal pking klan.  But now that Runescape Classic is for members only, there arnt as many people willing to Pk.  Please join this site if you have any interest at all.  I want to know of more people out there that will still pk!


Contact me if you are between lvl 40-45 combat and are interested in joining.