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Runescape Classic

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Departure to Lumby Klan
Klan Member Profiles


Mike has dsl- Has not been on in a while.  May be removed
Marauder69- Combat 43; 40 attach, 60 str, 50hp, 7 def. and 31 pray
Rangethemofu- Combat 43: 40 attach, 59 str, 49hp, 9 def, 31 pray, and 54 ranged
X0wnagepurex- Combat 37: 40 attach, 59 str, 50hp, and 1 def.
Loaded pker- Combat 41: 40 attach, 61 str, 50hp, 1 def, and 25 pray
xl owner xl- Has returned from RS2 and is here to stay on RSC!
luwarrior- Combat 42: Hits 10s arching not bad hp.
Cuinlumby43- Combat 41: 40 attach, 64 str, 53hp, 31 pray, 2 def. and 44 ranged
Ranger683- Has not been on in a while. May be removed

Character Information-

-Blackwatch89: Currently 80 mining and 71 smithing.  My good friend Shorty69red has 88 smithing and makes a2hs and full addy when I get him bars.  Thanks to Shorty69red, I have been able to purchase a red party hat at the current price of 8.2 million gp (Will be adding picture soon). 
-Theempire:  Currently 50 magic and 52 crafting making him able to make ruby ammys.  Also has high cooking and hasn't burnt a lobster since his new cooking levels.
-Redy Knight:  An old friend from school that had quite Runescape when his main, Gold Merlin, had been hacked.  He is currently a level 33 addytwo-hand pure.  I have personally been trying to help him out so he dosn't quite again.
-Xl owned xl:  Spends 99.9% of his time pking and dosn't take the time to stop and make some money. 
-Black N I G:  I have seen his main, Yeh Im addy, many times in Varroke Square, but he just recently joined.  Far as I know, he is a very quite person who only pm's you to pk.  There is nothing wrong with this and this is gladly encouraged by the klan.
-Luwarrior:  Once a major pking partner, he has currently deleted my characters and Theempire's characters from his friends list and has personally helped in killing us when his klan attachs.  Currently we are not on good terms with eachother and so I am afraid I must remove him from the list of Klan members.

Email me stats if you want posted